Relativity's Philosophical Basis As Observer-Dependent Idealism

This is not about the physics of relativity. It is about its philosophical basis, specifically its dependence on observational frame of reference. The most obvious absurdity inherent in this philosophy is the denial of objectivity, i.e., that there is no "real world" independent of all possible different perspectives (including from relativistic velocities) The most absurd case is the example called "length contraction." The claim is that the length of an object, or the distance between objects (say stars) depends on the speed and direction of the "frame of reference" observing the object or distance. In a world dependent only on observation (Einstein's world of  "special relativity), *there is no objective physical world independent of how it is observed!*

If you visit the relativity section of any "mainstream" science forum, you will find zero tolerance for the above philosophical criticism. All such critics are "banned" once they point out the above absurdity. I know; ... I've been banned from all of them, and from citing any source critical of relativity in Wikipedia. (LCcritic is my user name as a Wikipedia editor. See last section of my "talk page" there for details of this ubiquitous intolerance of any serious criticism of relativity among all physics editors there.)

The other part of relativity (besides "special relativity") is general relativity. Einstein correctly pointed out that a (blind) "observer" can not distinguish between the force of accelleration and the force of gravity, so he concluded that there is no such thing as "the force of gravity." Rather, he accepted Minkowski's theory that mass "curves space" (or "spacetime") and that the latter "guides" masses (and light) in their curved paths... the orbits of planets, for instance. But there is absolutely no ontology explaining *what "spacetime" IS* anywhere in the general theory of relativity. It remains relativity's version of "The Emporer's New Clothes!" To be a credentialled physicist in relativity, you must accept (if not admire) the "fabric of spacetime" as a malleable entity which functions as above.  You are not allowed to ask what it IS!

See my piece on the Higgs Field (above) for an explanation of gravity that now (since 2012) has actual evidence to support it.